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The summit in Kuala Lumpur saw the global exchange accelerator take the stage to showcase their revolutionary concept to the attending delegates.

Rules on digital asset and token offerings (supplemental rule to the financial technology solutions and offshore virtual currency business rules and regulations of CEZA of 2018)

This regulation covers:

● Article I. Preliminary Provisions


● Article II. Filing and Publication of Offer Document


● Article III. Contents of an Offer Document


● Article IV. Corrections to the Offer Document


● Article V. Certification by the SRO and DA Agent Obligations


● Article VI. Rules for Asset-Backed DATOs


● Article VII. Compliance with Applicable Laws on the Offering of Securities and Financial Crime


● Article VIII. Security of Digital Assets, Confidentiality and Disclosure of Information


● Article IX. Penalties


● Article X. Code of Conduct


● Article XI. Miscellaneous Provisions

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